The organisation was originally founded in 1982 by Ing Ray Spiteri and as the client base increased a limited liability company was formed in 2006. TVI Services which was formerly known as TUV Malta was the first company in Malta to offer the services of a Notified Body in the field of lifts and machinery. It still remains the only company which has internal technical competencies and resources to carry out unit verification work, calculations and traffic analysis in the field of vertical transportation systems.

TVI Services is the local representative office of GCL International T/A Globalgroup, Scotland, UK which is accredited by UKAS (UK). To carry out final inspections on new lifts for CE conformity under Notified Body No 0858. TVI Services is accredited by the National Accreditation Board as an ISO17020:12 Inspection Body Type A (Registration No 101) in the field of lift inspections, goods only lifts and transport devices for persons with special requirements. Click here to view a the TVI Services accreditation scope.

TVI Services is also a member of BSI (UK), a member of the Malta Lifts Association and each engineer is an individual corporate member of the IAEE (International Association of Elevator Engineers). In addition Ing Ray Spiteri is a member of the Lifts Group, CIBSE (UK).